Fincon is the Bay Areaís premier concrete installation contractor with a proven reputation of upholding the industryís highest safety standards in the most challenging environments.

Founded in 2003, Finconís typical builds include basements, pier and grade beam foundations. Our work always starts in the soil Ė rock, shale, sand, clay, supersaturated Ė all types. We are expert problem-solvers on the trickiest jobsites from steep hillsides and trenches, pits more than 20í deep, and 20í open air heights.

Finconís greatest client impact comes directly from our teamís consistent hard work and ingenious thinking. Our concrete formwork is professionally and expertly engineered using the latest technology. Our clients count on us to be dependable partners and to deliver consistent and expertly engineered structures with remarkable craftsmanship. Several of Finconís projects hold the conditional record for most concrete.

Concrete installation is a highly competitive and complex industry creating tension between some low-bidding companies who sacrifice quality and safety and those committed to the safest work practices, newest equipment, and long-term employee retention. Fincon has always been and always will be the latter. Itís at the heart of our business.

Fincon is a family. We deliver on our promise to be smarter, more efficient expert artisans. We take pride in our work and our employees. And it shows.

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